Bike Fit Training and Support

Whether you are new to bike fit, or new to Velogicfit bike fit systems; Velogicfit training content has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your understanding of 3D fitting with Velogicfit systems, and the bike fit principles that underpin the Velogicfit method.

Velogicfit Training Courses

In person training is available for fitters who are looking to extend their knowledge and understanding of bike fit, increasing their expertise to improve the quality of their fitting service. Velogicfit training courses are run by experienced fitters, offering hands-on experience with Velogicfit systems, whether you have used our systems before or not.

Velogicfit Introduction to 3D Bike Fitting

The Velogicfit Introduction to 3D Bike Fitting course is designed for new and experienced fitters alike, covering everything from the basics of fitting with the Velogic Studio system, through to advanced fit examples and problem solving. The course makes sense of the significant amount of data produced by the Velogic Studio software, and how to interpret and implement meaningful changes indicated by the data, observation and rider feedback.

Duration: 2-3 days, IBFI Credits: 30 credits per day

Velogicfit Bike Fitting for Performance

The Velogicfit Bike Fitting for Performance course brings together the Velogic Studio and 3D Aero systems, teaching fitters to implement changes that take into account both an ideal riding position, and aerodynamics. The course is designed to educate the fitter on making the rider as aerodynamic as possible without compromising the riders flexibility limits and power production. Experience with the Velogic Studio system is a pre-requisite for this course.

Duration: 2 days, IBFI Credits: 80

Velogicfit courses are currently run by our network of Regional Hub Advocates in Europe, Asia, South America and North America. Courses are scheduled based on demand, and held in various locations around the world.

Fitters who attend a Velogicfit training course earn the corresponding training badge on the Velogicfit 'Find a Fitter' webmap!

Upcoming courses

Date Trainer Location Course Language
6-8 November 2023 Oliver Lin Taipei, Taiwan Introduction to 3D Bike Fitting English

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Quick-Start Documentation

Velogicfit Velogic Studio and 3D Aero both include software-specific documentation pages designed to help you navigate your new bike fit system, and to begin to practice fitting. Examples include…

  • How to set up your fitting space
  • How to navigate your software including calibration, bike measuring, running captures and generating reports
  • Basic principles of Bike Fit

Promotional Support

Upon purchasing Velogic Studio or Velogicfit 3D Aero, you are entitled to digital promotional support materials designed to help you promote your bike fit service to your customers, local community, and online. Advertising your new bike fit service effectively can significantly add to your store’s profitability, and help your customers understand the benefits of your new service.

Technical Support

At Velogicfit we are committed to providing prompt and comprehensive technical support to our customers whenever they may need it. To access technical support, our customers have the following options…

  • Website Chatbox- Direct chat access to knowledgeable staff at Velogicfit Headquarters
  • Email via Website- Email our team via the contact us page on the website
  • Regional Specialists- We have regional representatives in Europe, Oceania and Asia who can provide support in a range of languages.
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