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  • Bike measurement
  • Body angles and lateral movement
  • Live video
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How can velogicfit help you?

Whether you make bikes, sell bikes, fit bikes or ride bikes - we've got a solution for you.
After all, we're driven by the same goal: to have more people riding bikes, comfortably.  A happy customer is one that brings repeat business and tells others.

Deliver the service that the internet can't

People buy from people. By forming a trusted relationship with your customers, you are keeping them away from the online price war.

Velogicfit’s products are designed to help bike stores and fit studios deliver the best service possible to the end customer - from getting someone started on the right sized bike, to providing the highest level of bike fit driven by motion capture and analysis.

 Find out how velogicfit keeps your customers in your store and off the web

Not only has it sped up the fit process, but it's helped me sell a lot more product and achieve a much more precise level of accuracy on my fits. I'm happy, but more importantly so are my clients.

Gordon, GMC Cycling Studio, Silverdale

Data to the Bike Fitter, Wow factor to the customer

Of course a good bike fit is led by the bike fitter themselves, but informing that fit with vital statistics and visual feedback certainly adds value. The customer rides away not only feeling better but they’re also enthused by the experience.

See how velogicfit can take your fit studio to new levels.

I am loving the system more each time I use it. The 3D Motion system allows me to offer a higher caliber fit (and to charge more for it)

Alfonso,, Seattle, USA

Want to ensure customers are sold the right sized bike?

Many store staff are not confident in ensuring that a customer is advised on a bike of the right size. Velogicfit’s Advanced product asks for a few simple measurements and outputs the best fitting options for that customer. 

See how your staff can use velogicfit to quickly identify the right bike for your customers.

(Screenshot: 3d Motion app

I have referred friends on for them to receive the same service that I had, it took only a few minutes to be told the best options for my next bike. The one I chose fits so well and handles fantastically.

Ray Stewart, Cycling enthusiast

Want to get started in motion analysis but don't need 3D?

Motion capture is a great way to raise the calibre of your bike fits. 2D Motion is like having 7 goniometers working automatically and simultaneously to show the fitter all relevant body angles with a live visual capture of the rider.

It is easy to use with joint markers picked up immediately when the rider hops on the bike.

Find out more about velogicfit's 2D Motion product that Dan Empfield from Slowtwitch says "It's here, it's tested, it rocks!".

If you want to fit with body angles; if you want the software inexpensively; if you want it REAL TIME; if you want it to be accurate, trouble free, robust, quick, wireless, this is by far the best I've seen.

Dan Empfield, "Slowman", San Francisco

Just want to ride? We'll point you in the right direction.

Whether you're looking for a new bike, or just want to get the most out of your current one - we can provide guidance on what to look for in a bike fit.

You can also use our frame comparison tool to compare side-by-side the stats on the bikes already on your list versus your current bike.

Go to our Cyclists specific page - just for you.

I had a Velogicfit 3D bike fit and it was an amazing experience. I now feel a lot more confident, balanced and comfortable on my bike.

Teresa Adams
Triathlete and Coach, NZ

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