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With fast, accurate metrics and a beautiful report, Velogic Studio helps you optimize fitting time and minimise back-office time.

More than 100 fitters, in over 30 countries, use Velogic 3D motion tracking technology in their bike fit service. Won't you join them?

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Where accuracy meets efficiency.

We started with the best-in-class accuracy of our 3D motion capture technology. Then we layered in a workflow that mirrors the way you work. A gorgeous report is the cherry on the top.

Accurate, Automatic 3D Motion Capture

Velogic Studio uses a time-of-flight (TOF) camera to identify joint markers in 3D space.

Joint angles and movement are automatically and accurately calculated for each frame in a 15-second capture period.

The results are then mapped back into 2D for display over a video feed of your rider.

Positions, recorded

Automatically capture videos, images, and metrics for each position you try.

Easily compare and visualise changes between positions.

Pull up the fit log to really dig into the data.

Bike measurements, captured

Use our wand to quickly capture the position of key points on the bike (or fit bike). You'll get accurate measurements of stack, reach, and other vital statistics.

Bike measurements are then included in the report, in 2 sections: one for at-home setup, and one to take to a bike store.

Expectations, exceeded

As bike fit becomes more popular, your service offering needs to stand out. Our professionally-designed report turns your customers into advocates.

Customised with your name, logo & corporate colors - now you're delivering a tangible, branded artifact from your fit session.

It's not just an application. It's a platform.

Velogic Studio is the hub where all the sensors in your studio come together.

ANT+ power/cadence/heartrate sensors? We'll pick them up and show in context.

Webcams (for frontal / rear / farside viewpoints)? Recorded for review & snapshots included in the report.

On our development list: saddle pressure mapping, IMU's and more!

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