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We are driven by the goal to see more people riding bikes comfortably the world over. Whether you ride bikes, make bikes, sell bikes, or fit bikes- we've got a solution for you! A cyclist who is comfortable and efficient on their bike is a happy person indeed.

Dynamic Motion Capture Bike Fit

Velogicfit dynamic motion capture bike fit systems offer high tech analysis of the rider in motion, focusing on key joint metrics to interpret the relationship between rider physiology and bike geometry.

Velogicfit 3D Motion and 3D Aero systems offer two different approaches to Bike Fit for various interests, services and budgets.

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Finding the Right Sized Bike

A good bike position starts with a bike that is sized correctly to suit the rider.

Navigating the different geometries between bike manufacturers to find a good fit can be challenging, so we have designed bike sizing systems for stores and fitters to make sense of the differences as they affect the rider.

Velogicfit sizing systems draw on our extensive bike frame database, diligently updated to include the latest bikes.

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Bike Fit Courses

Demand for Bike Fit is growing rapidly among cyclist and recreational riders alike. To help providers meet this demand, we offer in-person bike-fit training courses and online support, offering the chance to learn and up-skill.

Introduction to 3D Bike Fitting for Performance courses are recognized by the International Bike Fit Institute (IBFI) and can be credited towards a certification in bike fit.

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Why Bike Fit?

    Velogicfit bike fit systems were born out of our mission to see more people riding bikes comfortably the world over. Whether riding for sport or leisure, everyone has a right to feel comfortable, confident and in control on their bike. Velogicfit systems provide fitters with the bike fit tools they need to provide the best service to their customers to achieve a suitable, comfortable riding position. Velogicfit bike fit systems are currently operated by bike fitters in 30 countries, and we are proud to continue to supply the best in bike fit technology to fitters and cyclists all over the world.

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