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All pricing is in USD. We can provide the Microsoft Kinect camera too, just contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you already have a Microsoft Kinect adaptor for the PC (or have found one elsewhere) just contact us for a discount code to use at the checkout

Yes - but there are still many Kinect units available. We have plenty in stock if you are having trouble finding one. We do now include the Microsoft Kinect adaptor for PC in our start up packs as they are a little harder to get hold of.

Yes. If you are a software customer we offer the Kinect camera for $160 (shipping costs may apply). Contact us to enquire.

Yes - just click on the 'save with yearly pricing' in the package above that you choose. This works out to be 20% cheaper than the monthly option.  Then click 'Buy it'.

This is possible, but cannot be done online, please contact nicky@velogicfit.com to request a change.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, which will take you through to the end of your paid for period ie. monthly or yearly. Alternatively you could take a velogic holiday, where you could stop using and paying for the system over winter for example and start up again in Spring. Contact us directly for this - nicky@velogicfit.com.

We do not offer refunds of our web-based products, because there is plenty of opportunity to trial them free for 30 days before purchase. You can of course cancel your subscription at any time which will take you through to the end of your billing period ie. monthly or yearly.

However, we recognise that our desktop products are a significant financial commitment. We are so confident you’ll love our 3D Motion, 2D Motion and 3D Aero products that if you aren’t satisfied during your first 30 days we offer a money back guarantee (on receipt of hardware).

Of course. Just go to 'Your Plan' and add in the additional product.

Yes, go to 'Your Profile' and change your password.

Because we are always updating the products. We will keep adding functionality, updating the database, making your user experience and that of your customers better. Once you are on a subscription rate this will never increase (you have locked in that price) but the product just keeps getting better.

Ideally – Yes. If you want to run 3D Aero and 3D motion simultaneously so you can compare position changes and their aero advantages/disadvantages you will need 2 Kinect cameras running on different computers. However, if you only want to run one application at a time, 1 camera will be fine.

In the past some users reported issues with marker detection in certain lighting conditions. However, with the release of Version 2 we have moved to retro-reflective markers which have removed the vast majority of issues relating to lighting and reflections.
It is still necessary to have reasonable lighting for the Kinect camera to run at full speed (30FPS).

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