Velogicfit Training 

Holger Roethig, Europe

Holger has been a professional bike fitter since 2012, he is a keen cyclist (ultra distance) and triathlete and is an Ironman certified coach. He is passionate about perfecting the relationship between cyclists and their bikes by using his knowledge, and the latest technologies.  As a Velogicfit trainer he  is able to share this knowledge and help more fitters to obtain the skills to ensure their customers ride away comfortable and efficient on their bikes.

Along with using all Velogicfit software products, he also uses - Medilogic Pressure Measuring System - Aerolution spirometric measurements - SpinScan - Petzke Power Crank - FMS Functional Movement Screening.

“As an ultracyclist and RAAM solo finisher, I was searching intensively for my optimal position on the bike. For me, it was always important to find the most comfortable competition specific position possible. As a graduate sports scientist, I could incorporate my scientific knowledge to optimize the position and movements.  Today, I use my knowledge and experience in conjunction with the latest technologies to adapt bikes of other professional and amateur athletes.”