Velogicfit Training 

David Bowden, New Zealand and Australia

As the Technical Director for Velogicfit, no one knows more about our products than David. He has a Science Degree and over 15 years of bike fitting experience. With his analytical mind and his passion for cycling, providing bike fitting services as a hobby was not enough for David and he started his bike fitting studio full time in 2011. From there David started to work on tools that would provide a higher level of service to his customers, leading to the creation of Velogicfit.

Davids clients range from enthusiastic fitness riders to professional cyclists, triathletes and rowers (they ride a lot) with a particular interest in aero testing.

He often is sent the more challenging cases - limb length discrepancies, previous injuries or just petite ladies struggling to fit on regular geometry bikes. He most enjoys hearing back from clients that are now raving about their bikes, having previously struggled to enjoy riding or not understanding why their flash new tri bike wasn’t making them faster.