Velogicfit Training 

Even though Velogicfit creates bike fitting tools to enhance the fit process, we are firm believers that a fit is only ever as good as the fitter. Therefore we have selected a team of experienced bike fitters, around the world, to deliver our training courses.
Our courses must be taken sequentially - each is a step on the path to mastery.
Part of the training is a follow up session where the Trainer reviews your reports to help you develop as a Fitter.
Courses are regularly scheduled but we are always open to requests to put on courses in additional areas.
Introducing the Velogicfit trainers:
Sean Madsen, USA and Canada:
Sean Madsen is a world-renowned cycling biomechanics expert who has worked with 4 Tour de France winners, over two dozen UCI World Champions, 4 Kona Ironman victors and over 12,000 athletes of all abilities during a career spanning 19 years.  Initially working in retail locations in Colorado, his quest for knowledge lead him to further education in biomechanics, and then on working at the prestigious Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.
For 5 years he studied under the founder of modern bike fitting, Dr. Andy Pruitt PA EdD. Performing medically based bike fitting using one-of-a-kind motion capture technology further refined his ability into one of the world's best. Sean then moved to California to create and grow Specialized's Body Geometry Fit program. Sean has taught thousands of fitters worldwide to enhance their rider's cycling enjoyment. He is one of the foremost experts in aerodynamic testing of cyclists, working with over 200 athletes in the wind tunnel and over 100 more in velodrome validation testing.
He is a gifted presenter and educator, and has delivered dynamic and engaging presentations at many consumer and industry events including International Cyclefit Symposium, Medicine of Cycling conferences, and the Interbike trade show. 
His client list is a veritable who's-who of cycling; Alberto Contador, Vincenzo Nibali, Peter Sagan, Tom Boonen, Mark Cavendish, Michal Kwiatkowski,  and over 100 others in the UCI ProTour have benefitted from his expertise. He has also worked with dozens of elite triathletes including Javier Gomez, Chris (Macca) McCormick, Chrissie Wellington and Jan Frodeno. Making the fastest riders a little faster is fun, but creating ways to help the average, or even challenged, rider become a life-long cyclist is the most rewarding.
David Bowden, New Zealand and Australia:
As the Technical Director for Velogicfit, no one knows more about our products than David. He has a Science Degree and over 15 years of bike fitting experience. With his analytical mind and his passion for cycling, providing bike fitting services as a hobby was not enough for David and he started his bike fitting studio full time in 2011. From there David started to work on tools that would provide a higher level of service to his customers, leading to the creation of Velogicfit.
Davids clients range from enthusiastic fitness riders to Professional Cyclists, Triathletes and Rowers (they ride a lot) with a particular interest in aero testing either in the Tunnel or outdoors.
He often is sent the more challenging cases - limb length discrepancies, previous injuries or just petite ladies struggling to fit on regular geometry bikes. He most enjoys hearing back from clients that are now raving about their bikes, having previously struggled to enjoy riding or not understanding why their flash new tri bike wasn't making them faster.
Dongkeon Lee, South Korea:

I opened my eyes to the bike fitting when distributing Lennard Zinn's custom bicycles 12 years ago. I realized that there were much more than geometry and formula in bike fitting. My journey to find the perfect fit on the bike drove me to find and meet Paul Swift in Seattle, the founder of BIKEFIT LLC. My first bike fit class started in 2006 with Paul for Trek Korea dealers. Until now, I've trained over 300 Trek and Specialized dealers in Korea and China. Bikeprofit is my educational and publication company and I'm operating a fit studio at DKCA, the Trek concept store in Seoul.

The key advantage of using Velogic 3D for me is the integration of its 3D motion data and 2D video images. This integration leads me and riders to a higher level of communication in my fitting sessions, consequently having reached to better connection of fitter and rider,  and bike and rider as well. I believe that the fit can be closer to its goal when the riders can tell more about themselves in the fit sessions.  I am the Trainer for; KBFI(Korea Bike Fit Institute) Head Trainer [2016 - ], Velogicfit Korea Trainer [2016 - ], BIKEFIT Korea Trainer [2006 - ], BodyGeomety Fit Professor [2009-2014].

Oliver Lin, Taiwan, China, Malaysia:

Oliver Lin is a triathlete and an IRONMAN certified coach. He has been teaching multiple fit protocols and coaching triathletes for many years. Now he owns Dynamic Labs which provides dynamic fitting and coaching services for both cyclists and triathletes. The Labs’ main feature is its total solution. Customers often receive training prescriptions after a bike fit and this is kept dynamic in order to optimize performance for different goals. Oliver is Velogicfit’s Key Trainer in Taiwan and further afield in China and Malaysia.

Due to his Statistics background, he is proficient in interpreting big amounts of data from motion capture. He not only enjoys doing bikefits but also sharing his knowledge to others.