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Right Bike - revolutionising bicycle retailing

Put our interactive sizing & bike finding stand to work in your store.

Product Features

Hands-free measurement

Measurement step

Right Bike utilises a 3D camera to automatically capture key body measurements from a customer without touching them in any way.

  • The customer's attention is attracted to the stand via on-screen messaging
  • The customer is guided to stand in a measurement pose with onscreen foot and hand positioning guides
  • Measurement takes just a few seconds
  • The screen automatically proceeds to the interactive phase

Interactive touchscreen

Terrain selection step

Right Bike takes the customer through a short, intuitive selection process using the integrated touch screen.

  • Terrain - customer chooses where they'll be riding
  • Options - recreation or racing? eBike? Women's bike?
  • Results - bikes which fit the customer's body and preferences are displayed (and can be filtered by price, material etc)
  • Shortlist - customer picks up to 4 bikes

Customer shortlist

Shortlist step

After the customer has shortlisted up to 4 bikes, a report is produced showing bike details and the suggested initial setup of saddle height, saddle-to-bar reach and bar drop. The customer can get their report by email, print, or taking a photo of the screen.

At this point, you have a customer who is:

  • Confident that they're getting the right bike
  • Ready to try & buy their bike
  • Impressed with the retail experience

The stand will automatically reset when they walk away (to look at their shortlisted bikes) - ready for the next customer.

Customer shortlist

Right Bike comes as a complete product ready to plug in and use in store, including:

  • The stand
  • Camera and touch-screen
  • Integrated computer with software license
  • Warranty for the lifetime of your subscription.

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