2DM: Using the System

Capture Area

Drag the green box to just include the bike horizontally and enough space for the rider vertically. This cuts down the view for analysis to just the area of interest.

Enter the Riders Details

Note that choosing the ‘Position for fit’ determines the metrics that are shown during capture. So it is important to make that selection, even if you choose to ignore the other entries (they’re not compulsory).

The Fitter field will allow you to choose from a staff list that you add in settings. This feature has not been completed yet – will be one of the first updates.

Marker Placement

The marker locations are explained in detail here. The markers are placed at the centre of each joint.

  • Foot: 5th Metatarsal
  • Ankle: Lateral Maleolus
  • Knee: Distal Femoral Lateral Epicondyle
  • Hip: Greater Trochanter
  • Shoulder: Greater Tuberosity of the Humeral head (not on the Acromion as in other systems)
  • Elbow: Lateral Epicondyle
  • Wrist: Centre of the Distal Radioulnar joint

If you are not familiar with these landmarks, please contact us for a recommendation to a trainer in your region.

If you find that a rider is sweating heavily and causing the markers to become dislodged we recommend using kinesio tape as a base for the reflective marker. This gives a greater contact area and counteracts the impact of slick lycra and sweat.


Press the Camera button really hard multiple times

This will begin a 20s capture period (which counts down as shown below). If you wish to stop the capture, press the hand.

While capturing you can enter a comment in the text box

At the end of the 20s period (this will be user configurable in a later update) the data will be saved to a history item

You may save as many datasets as you like. To review a history item, just click on the entry. A popup will appear. You may edit the comment prior to closing.

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