Standard User Guide

Instead of just showing the functions of the system we’ve written this as a guide to the sales process:

Penny walks into your store and says she is after a bike. First step is to ascertain if the bike is for her and what type of bike she is after e.g. Road, Fitness or Mountain.

Then introduce her to the process, with something like: ‘in our store we use a quick process to ensure that we have you fitted to the right size bike. Would you mind if we take 3 measurements of you and then I ask you a few quick questions?’


You will need:

Tape measure


Pen or rod

Or you can use specifically designed tools such as those provided by Fit Kit

Arm Reach

Ask Penny to hold a pen in her hand and you measure from her ribs to the pen. It is best to ask the client to hold the tape to their armpit.


Ask Penny to hold a level to the dip between her collar bones at the top of her chest bone and measure from that point to the floor.


Ask Penny to place the level between her legs for you to measure from the top of to the floor.


This allows you to narrow down the type of bike the client really wants so the results are tailored to their needs


We shall shortly be adding the functionality for you to maintain price data for the bikes you stock. Using this filter to set the price range the customer wants will ensure that you give them options that truly suit their needs.


You have completed all that the Standard System needs. From here Penny’s results will be displayed.

When discussing the results with Penny you can click on the Model of bike to see a picture and further information.

The detailed results will allow you to link to the brand site.

This ensures that Penny is riding away from your store with a bike that fits her comfortably and she will be positive about her purchase from the first ride.

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