Kinect Setup

The first steps are:

  • Connect the Kinect and PC to a power source, preferably with a surge protector installed
  • Connect the Kinect to your PC using one of the USB3.0 ports (they are usually blue). 
  • Turn on the PC

Your PC should automatically recognise the Kinect, usually notifying you via a popup. If this doesn’t happen and you are not seeing an image from the Kinect when you open one of our systems you will need to take further steps.

  1. Check that you have plugged the Kinect into a USB3.0 port
  2. Run the Kinect Configuration Verifier (if you haven’t prior to purchase) to ensure there are no significant omissions. In the example below it shows that the Kinect is not plugged in (which is correct) and offers a warning about the USB controller (we’ve not seen this cause any issues)
  3. Finally, download the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 which will install drivers that should make the Kinect visible to your PC

If, after following these instructions, you are still having issues - please contact us via the chat box on our site (you need to be logged in)

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