3DM: Introduction

Welcome to Version 2.0 of the velogicfit 3D Motion software. We’ve been working hard to make significant advances in ease of use and reduce the environmental sensitivity.

Key differences:

  • Now using reflective markers
  • Markers automatically identified (no more marker ID step)
  • Bike and rider orientation automatically detected
  • Liveview visible from the beginning
  • Only 3 screens to simplify workflow
  • Optional calibration so system can be used for quick fits
  • When not capturing data is shown as 3s rolling average
  • Automatic saving of video, images and metrics for every capture
  • Ability to save webcam video
  • Option to choose destination folder for files
  • Instant playback of video in system
  • Simpler comparison of different captures
  • Automated trial mode
  • Simplified issue reporting process
  • Report now in Microsoft word so you can use the spellcheck and modify as much as you like
  • Installed via Windows store (to avoid the issues we sometimes had with the old installer)

If you previously used Version 1 you should find Version 2 much easier to use with better output to share with the rider.

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