Hardware Compatibility Guide

This guide will help you ensure that your Windows computer is up to the task of running Velogicfit 3D Motion and 3D Aero products.

Basic system requirements

Velogicfit 3D Motion and 3D Aero are carrying out detailed analysis of color and depth frames at 30FPS, and so require a reasonably-spec'd Windows PC:

  • 64-bit Windows 10
  • Core i5 or higher processor
  • 4GB Ram
  • Dedicated USB3.0 or USB3.1 bus (with Intel or Renesas chipset - see Kinect camera compatibility below)

Some users have reported success running our software on Mac hardware (using Bootcamp) but we don't test with, or officially support, Apple systems.

Kinect camera compatibility

Velogicfit 3D Motion and 3D Aero both utilise the Kinect for XBox One camera, which looks like this:

Kinect for XBox One camera
Kinect for XBox One camera

Although it wasn’t a commercial success as a gaming peripheral, it remains an amazingly capable camera. It is no longer manufactured but it’s still easy to find secondhand (there were millions of them sold) and we carry stock of the camera ourselves.

The Kinect for XBox One camera connects to your computer via a USB3 adaptor. But all USB3 ports were not created equal, and the Kinect is picky about the USB chipsets it can work with.

You can easily check whether your Windows computer is going to be compatible with the Kinect by using the Kinect Configuration Verifier tool from Microsoft. Download and run it, and you will see a window like this:

Kinect configuration verifier
Kinect configuration verifier
  • You should have green ticks for the first 5 items.
  • For the “USB controller” item, if you have a green tick then you are “definitely compatible”. If you have an orange exclamation mark, then the tool can’t tell either way. This is quite common and not necessarily a cause for concern - many systems with this icon run 3D Motion and 3D Aero perfectly. If you have a red cross, then your USB controller is definitely not compatible.
  • “Kinect Connected” will only be a green tick if you have a physical Kinect device connected.
  • “Verify Kinect Software Installed” isn’t important, because if you don’t already have drivers, Windows will download them for you when you plug the Kinect in.
  • “Verify Kinect Depth and Color Streams” can only be tested with a physical Kinect device connected.

The most important checks are the first 5 (basic system checks) and the "USB Controller" check. If you have either a green tick or orange exclamation mark for "USB Controller" then you're likely to be compatible with the Kinect camera.

Other checks

If you have an orange exclamation mark for "USB Controller", there is one other check you can do yourself. Open Device Manager, and look in "Universal Serial Bus controllers". If you see a "Host controller" entry from either Intel or Renesas you're likely to be compatible. You can also search this thread for either your laptop brand or USB Controller chipset name and see if anyone has reported compatibility or incompatibility.

How to be sure

If you want to be 100% sure of compatibility before purchasing, you can obtain a Kinect for XBox One (and USB adaptor) on the secondhand market and use the "Kinect Configuration Verifier" to confirm that the final check ("Verify Kinect depth and color streams") gives a 30FPS frame rate.

Alternatively, you can purchase 3D Motion, which has a USD$199 startup fee and includes the Kinect camera, adaptor and other hardware items. 3D Motion has a 30-day moneyback guarantee (excluding the USD$199 startup fee and once you return the hardware).

Even if your current Windows computer proves to be incompatible with the Kinect - there are many inexpensive Windows laptops that are known to work with the Kinect. For example, we have customers successfully using Dell Inspiron laptops (less than $500).