Frame Comparison User Guide


The velogicfit Frame Comparison tool offers a quick, fully user controlled way of comparing two frames side by side.

It also allows the user to investigate the effect of different stem length/angle and spacer combinations – making it easy to order the correct parts and set the bike up correctly first time.

First select the type of bike you’re interested in:

Then select the Brand, Model and Size you are interested in:

The tool will provide the frame geometry, images (if available) and the ability to choose stem dimensions and spacer height in order to manipulate the Handlebar position. If you are not familiar with X & Y terminology for bikes please read our explanation.

The stem options on offer are those that we have collected for our Fit Essentials (link) catalogue so every option you see is viable (if not necessarily easy to source).

The Headset height/spacers value includes the height of the headset top cover (for integrated headsets). The possible heights range from 3mm (the lowest headset cover we know of) to 45mm (the maximum recommended for most forks). If you wish to perform the calculation for a frame that utilises an external headset you will need to know the stack of the chosen headset (usually around 30mm) and use that as a minimum value.

The tool will have a 100x-6 stem entered as the default – the user is free to change the values to achieve a target position.

Additionally the tool provides specification information for the Frames (if we were able to find the data):

The Calculated Measures entry lets you know which values we’ve had to work out. If we’ve had to make assumptions for the frame geometry the figures may be a few millimetres off – especially if the Frame Reach and Stack were not provided by the manufacturer.  If a frame you’re interested in is marked as having a calculated Reach and Stack – feel free to put pressure on the Manufacturer to provide that information and thus facilitate accurate position calculations.

If you wish to reduce the amount of information on the screen choose the “Compact View”

This trims the geometry data to key values and makes it easier to scroll down to the Handlebar Setup section.

The tool also helps explain what the different geometry figures refer to – hover on any value and the blank bike will show the measurement points.

If you have any questions about how to use the tool, please get in touch with us using the chat system (link is at the bottom right of our site when you’re logged in)

If we don’t have the information for a brand that you want to use in the system it’s probably because we found it difficult to source that data. It would be helpful if you could contact the Manufacturer as well as our team to express your interest in having the data in our system.

Please note that the images and information provided by the site are based on what we have sourced from the Manufacturers website. We have taken all care in collecting the data but we take no responsibility for incorrect data that has been provided by the Manufacturer, or images that do not reflect the configuration of a particular model.

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