Price Filtering

At this stage it is not possible to upload prices to your account directly - you need to send us an excel file which we’ll load against your account. Please get in touch if you wish to do this.

If you have prices loaded on the account you will see the ‘Min Price’ and ‘Max Price’ option boxes appear in the preferences section of Advanced.

You will see that the values shown are scaled according to the prices you have supplied. There are small steps in price at the bottom end of the range that become larger as you move to higher price brackets. In the example below there are no bikes loaded with a price less than $1000 (New Zealand Dollars).

Once you’ve entered the customers price range, click the ‘Find my Bike Options’ button as usual.

You will see the ‘Price’ column added to the headline results. You’ll also note that the bikes are named by current model specification instead of the frame designation we use. For instance - Felt AR3 instead of Felt AR MKII Carbon as it appears in our database. The model names are set in the price file.

Using the price filter aids in giving your customer bike options that fit them, suit their purpose and meet their budget.

Please note that the prices will not appear in the report (yet).

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