The velogicfit Advanced System is the most powerful bike finder system available, offering an array of options to help you refine the search to offer the most relevant options to your customer.

Initial Setup

When you first log in to Advanced you will be prompted to choose the brands you want to include in your searches. If you need to change the selection at any point, use the top right menu to go to “Your Preferences”

Your preferences dropdown menu

You may then add or subtract brands.

Selecting brands
Selecting brands

As shown – the site will warn you that searching a large number of brands will slow the generation of results. You can mitigate this by restricting the brand selection on any individual search.

Additionally, clicking on the 'Fit System' tab will allow you to set the global defaults for your search parameters.

Specifying tolerance in Fit System tab of Your Preferences
Specifying tolerance in Fit System tab of Your Preferences

These are the settings that your system will revert to for the start of any new session. Please ensure you set them for your most common use scenario as you can tailor them for individual sessions as needed.

The most important selections are whether to use XY measurements and the XY search tolerance.

[XY measurements are explained here](/documentation/using-bar-xy-cartesian-coordinates/), if you choose not to use XY bikes will be measured with reach and drop to bars.

The XY search tolerance defines how close you wish to be to the target. For selections following a 3D Motion fit we normally work to 6mm. For selections based off body measurements 10-15 is appropriate

The Tri/TT options set individual tolerances for the Z dimensions – width of the extensions and width of the pads. Note that Triathlon bikes always use XY measurements and are not subject to the preferred stem length setting.

Once you are in the Advanced System the “Advanced Options” will allow you to set session specific tolerances

Options in Advanced Bike Finder
Options in Advanced Bike Finder

These settings will only apply for that session. If you log out (or time out) the next session will have the default global settings again.

Choosing a preferred stem length causes the system to try to find a match with that length first. If nothing is available it moves on to our normal process.


Symptom Action
No results Check the riders measurements – entering impossible proportions will not return any bikes that match
No results Change the rider style
No results Increase the number of categories you’re searching in
Results don’t make sense Check the riders measurements – being off by a couple of cm makes a significant difference to bikes generated
Rider wants a racier position/bike Go back and change to another style
Rider wants a more relaxed position/bike Go back and change to another style
Rider wants a different Brand Alter the preferences


The ‘Race’ positions generated are not as aggressive as an experienced racer would adopt. It’s intended as a safe starting point for someone whose physique/goals allow a racing position. You can see this in the difference between the examples shown in the Body and Bike measurement sections of this guide – Davids actual position is a couple of cm lower and longer than that generated by body measurements. We advise a professional fit session (ideally using our 3D Motion system) to dial in riders that wish to adopt a full ‘race’ position.

You can quickly change the preferences in the results screen by clicking one of the dropdowns then clicking ‘update.  This helps you refine the results to suit the customers requirement so that the report generated is of maximum usefulness

The MTB Enduro rider style may sometimes struggle to return results for tall riders as few brands make bikes that suit the short stem, small bar drop position that the Enduro style aims for. In this case XC Sport will return more options.