Compensating for tilt

If you are searching for a bike to match a position in which the aerobars are tilted you will need to take one of the following options to ensure an accurate search:

  • Set the bars flat and measure the bike
  • Measure the bike and apply a correction

Tilting the bars can have a significant impact on the Pad XY metrics - enough to cause the system to return a different sized frame from the ideal if you have not accounted for tilt.

There are two styles of tilt:

  1. Tilting from the bars - for instance clip on aerobars or integrated bars that can rotate within the stem
  2. Integrated bars that offer tilt at the top of the pedestal

We will soon be displaying information about the tilt capabilities of aerobars in the Advanced system. For instance: P0-15 indicates a bar that can tilt by between 0 and 15 degrees at the top of the pedestal. B indicates an aerobar that can rotate on the basebar and is thus nearly limitless.