3DM: General notes


  • If you choose to switch sides during a fit you will need to click the calibrate button below the liveview screen every time you change sides
  • If you wish to perform a quick fit you can use this system without calibrating. It will only offer the angular metrics so essentially has the same function as our 2D Motion system
  • A little bit of inconsistency in the wireframe will not affect your data unless the flicker is happening at the top or bottom of the pedal stroke every time
  • It doesn’t matter if the wireframe is out of sync with the riders motion at any point as the measurement functions are a separate process to the one that draws the wireframe. The wireframe is just an additional feature to help with visualisation
  • If you have issues with the system at any point, please capture a sample file (detailed in Troubleshooting) and take screenshots, we will struggle to resolve your issue without good information

Press restart on the Report page. The System will ask you to verify that you wish to restart. You cannot load previous fit data once you have closed or restarted.

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