3DM: Capturing Data

The main enhancement of V2 over V1 comes on the capture screen, where we’ve added automatic video recording and instant replay.

Also, while not capturing the data will display a 3s rolling average. This freeform data is to allow you to work on technique elements and explain to the rider.

To begin a capture, make sure the rider is pedalling at a realistic cadence then press “Start Capture”

This will begin a countdown to initiate data acquisition (no data will be visible at this time).

After the stabilisation the system will start displaying data while it continues capturing.

Once the acquisition period is complete you have the option to save or discard (if the rider was inconsistent) the capture. 

You can enter comments during the acquisition or just prior to saving. If you forget to comment before saving you can still alter the comment later.

Once saved a thumbnail will appear in the history column to the right.

Hovering on a thumbnail will instantly replay the captured video in the liveview and give you options to “Review” and “Compare” - note that if you have selected the view from a webcam that is the video that will be saved.

Clicking on “Review” will bring up the summary data just for that capture. You can edit the fitter comment here if needed.

Clicking on “Compare” will bring up a comparison of the chosen capture to the most recent one. So you can compare the previous position or the first to the current.

Clicking on the “Relative” tickbox at bottom left will show the most recent as differences from the earlier capture.

This example is from a reply file so there are no differences. This function is intended to help you quickly evaluate changes.

You can perform as many captures and bike measurements as you wish. The data for each will be saved to the fit folder.  Only the Initial and Final data will be shown in the report.



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