Lighting & environment

The system will identify the markers in near darkness. However, you will get better performance from the camera if you take a bit of care with the environmental setup.

Quality indicators

The Quality Indicators are a small on-screen display allowing you to quickly identify any problems with the fit area.

Quality Indicators appear at the top left of the liveview:

Quality indicator in normal mode

If you click on the drop-down button, the quality indicators will expand to give additional options:

Quality indicator in expanded mode


The lighting score is based on the exposure time, which is controlled by the camera. In simple terms, this indicates how long (in milliseconds) the Kinect camera kept the aperture open to capture enough light to make a good picture of the scene for each frame. We want this number to be as low as possible, to minimise motion blur in videos and still images, a score of 15 or better is preferred.

Ideally you want the light to be evenly diffused, i.e. consistently spread in the space. Having bright spots on the rider or background doesn’t improve the score.


The framerate indicates how many frames 3D Motion is able to take from the Kinect and process per second. If the lighting is poor the Kinect will automatically reduce the framerate from 30/31 (the maximum it can achieve) to 15/16.


Detection shows whether the system is consistently finding exactly 7 markers.

Still having problems?

Check out our troubleshooting guide if you’re having problems getting a good result with the Quality Indicators.