3DM: Using Trial Mode

If you wish to experiment with our system prior to purchase you can sign up for a one month trial. This allows you to download the software and test the functionality.

Once you have downloaded the software from the windows store and logged in you will see this screen:

If you have a Kinect connected you should see the liveview and you can proceed with using the software as detailed in the rest of the instructions.

To continue without a Kinect click “Play Sample” - this will download a short replay file that allows you to view metrics in the system.

Once this is downloaded proceed through the system as detailed in Starting a new fit.

For the steps that require a wand - Calibration and Measure Bike - you can skip through these by pressing ‘Ctrl-D’ to autofill points.

The only limitation on the Trial version is that the final position data does not appear in the report.

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