Troubleshooting (V1)


There are two common causes of issues around Marker ID

  1. Light sources facing the Kinect
  2. Poor lighting conditions
  3. If there is a strong light source (window, door, light bulb) behind the rider, in view of the Kinect you will likely suffer a number of issues:

‘Sunspots’ on the image - patches of colour superimposed

Odd colour ID behaviour - the system claiming to see yellow or green markers on black shorts or in dark hair

The only way to address this is to eliminate the source of background light. Either by moving the rider or by erecting a screen. As a suggestion, pull up banners or projector screens can be easily removed when not performing fits.

  1. Poor lighting conditions can mean a dimly lit area, or only overhead. Any lighting situation that creates a gradient across the rider (ex. bright at the top and dark at the bottom) or hot spots (shining directly at one of the markers) has the potential to cause issues with Marker ID.

This image illustrates a rider in a room with no natural light and an overhead compact Fluorescent source.

The overall dimness and lighting gradient lead to difficult Marker ID and the highlighted ‘flare’ from the Kinect.

In this case the solution would be to add a light that illuminated the wall and one that cast an even light on the rider.


If you are having trouble with getting consistent Marker pickup we have replay files you can practice on:

Test file from dropbox

These files are 1.5gb so will take a while to download.

To use the file, open the system and press the F12 key, a popup window will appear:

Select the ‘Playback’ tab then ‘Select file to playback’

Navigate to where ever you have saved ‘Aug 2016 Trial Mode File.replay’ and open. Once you’ve done this you can close the popup window (do not click ‘Eject’).

Use the demo function (ctrl-d) to skip through any input screens to get to the Marker ID screen.

Note that the computer will buffer the files whenever they pause and will try to catch up once playing again, so you may see some patches of sped up replay.


If you are having difficulty with Marker ID you can save a replay file to send to us. Press F12 to access the recording screen:

Click the “Record 3 seconds” button. The replay file will be stored in this folder:

C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\velogicfit Pro\Replay files

The best way to find this folder is to type %appdata% into an explorer window.

Send the file to us via dropbox and we’ll look at the lighting conditions and difficulty of Marker ID.

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