Computer Requirements for Motion Systems


The software requires a PC running 64-Bit Windows 10 with a USB3.0 port. It must be capable of running DirectX 11 graphics to be able to use a Kinect. The framerate will be limited if the computer is not sufficiently powerful - we recommend a minimum specification of Intel Core I5 (or equivalent), with 4GB RAM and a dedicated Graphics Card (preferably Nvidia GTX level or equivalent) that supports OpenCL (List of compatible cards here). A minimum of 10Gb space on the Hard Drive and a solid state hard drive is also recommended for saving video quickly.

The Kinect has certain requirements around USB controllers and other components. The official list is here. To check whether your system meets the recommended Microsoft specification you can download and run the Kinect Verification Tool. Note that it is not always necessary to meet all of the requirements (all of our test computers miss on the USB control category but have no issues using the system).

Purchasing computers intended for gaming is often the best way of getting good graphical performance. The machines we use are:

Acer NITRO Notebook 17.3” with:

  • Core i7-4710HQ
  • 16GB RAM
  • GTX850M 4GB Graphics Card
  • Windows 10

We have no affiliation with ACER (or any other computer hardware provider), these machines were chosen based on the very high speed specification and comfortably run the 3D Motion system at the maximum possible framerate.

We have also had success with recent editions of the Macbook Pro running Windows via Bootcamp.


We use the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox One. Microsoft have ceased production of this product but there are enough available in the market that this has no impact on being able to use our systems. We are testing other camera systems with a view to having a replacement ready when Kinect availability does become a problem.

You will need to purchase the Microsoft Kinect V2 either directly from Microsoft or from an electronics store (not possible in every country). Note that you must also purchase the “Adaptor for Windows” as it is not a standard part of the Kinect.

If you are unable to source a Kinect and adaptor please contact us as we have stockpiled units.

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