3DM: Measure Bike

On the capture screen you will see a button for “measure bike”

Clicking on this will open the bike measurement popup window

Follow the instructions on screen to use the wand to acquire the indicated points.

Once you have acquired a point a red dot will appear on the image. If the dot is not aligned with the image you can click “Redo” to re-acquire.

If the diameter of the bars is something other than 31.8mm use the drop down box at lower left to select or manually type a different value. Then click “Next”

On step 2 you will see the bike measurements as well as free text fields to record bike details.

You can manually alter the bike measurements by clicking on the field. For instance - many road handlebars have flared drops so it is hard to get an accurate measurement when comparing tops and drops. In this case you could choose to measure across either the hoods or drops and enter the value.

For the setup details you can enter any value.

Once complete press Finish.

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