Generate Report (V1)

Once you’ve completed the fit you progress from the capture screen to the report screen. At this stage the only button that does anything is ‘View Report’ - the others hint as to future functionality.

Write your summary comment in the ‘Fitter Comment’ box then click “View Report”

The report will be generated in your browser. We recommend using Google Chrome as it gives better control of the printed appearance.

To save or print the report, right mouse click anywhere to bring up the options menu and select Print

The print options screen that appears will have a ‘Destination’ chosen, as you can see below this points to a physical printer, click on ‘Change’ to modify this.

In the Destination options select ‘Save as PDF’

Once back on the Print Screen you will see that you now have the option to ‘Save’

From there you can select a folder and appropriate name to save the file with.

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