3DM: Generate Report

Once you’ve completed the fit progress from the capture screen to the report screen.

You can write your summary comment in the ‘Fitter Comment’ box then click “View Report” or click “View Report” and write the report directly in Microsoft Word.

You can then send the file to your client via email or share the entire folder via a cloud service so they can access the videos.

Clicking on “Open Fit Folder” will take you to the recorded data for that fit. The folder will be named with “date name (position)” and contains all the saved information.

You will see the report saved there with the riders name and position style in the filename. There is also an image and video for every capture as well as the ‘fit log’ which records the angles and measurements of each capture if you wish to access data from the intermediate steps in the fit.

Going back up to the main folder gives you a list of all the fit folders.

There is also the ‘Fit index’ which is an automatically generated list of the fits you have performed. You should be able to add extra columns (like comments) to the file if you do not alter the first six columns.

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