Setting up 3D Aero

The key to optimising a riders position with 3D Aero is to treat the session as an experiment – just try different combinations. While there are changes that are often faster (lower, narrower) this doesn’t hold true for every rider, or only works to a certain point. Which is where the value of the system comes in.

Area Setup

  • Camera 2m from front of the front wheel
  • Camera height ~1.2m
  • Camera inline with bike axis
  • We suggest using a trainer that doesn’t sit much forward of the rear axle as this means it is more likely to not be captured by the system
  • Adding an ANT+ dongle to your PC will allow the system to pick up power from the riders ANT+ powermeter or an ANT+ trainer

The system automatically measures whatever is in front of it. Once it detects the closest item it chops off 60cm to either side and ~140cm back. This means the fitter can stand relatively close to the rider without being detected. It also means that you should not have any items in front of the front wheel, as the system assumes that will be the first item it sees above the floor.

If you are using a platform the system may show the platform as part of the detected area. This doesn’t matter for measuring the rider as it will be a constant. The apparent CdA will be much higher, but we are using the system to detect changes, it’s not intended to give an accurate CdA value (though can be close if you are careful).