3DAero: Setup

The 3D Aero system has been designed to be ‘plug and play’ - no complicated setup process. Once you have the system running the automatic rider identification and background masking make it very easy to get underway.

Current setup guidelines:

  • Camera 2m from front of the front wheel
  • Camera height ~1.2m
  • Camera inline with bike axis
  • We suggest using a trainer  that doesn’t sit much forward of the rear axle as this means it is more likely to not be captured by the system
  • Adding an ANT+ dongle to your PC will allow the system to pick up power from the riders ANT+ powermeter or an ANT+ trainer

Run the installer once and always open from the installed program icon.

Things to note:

  • The Kinect does not work well in the cold.  We’ve tried it at 1 Degree (Celsius) with poor results.
  • Your measurements will be less accurate if the camera is not lined up correctly with the bike
  • If you are using a platform for fits you will probably find that the system is measuring the floor (because the platform is raised about the ground plane). In this case the absolute values will not be applicable to the real world but the differences between positions will be valid.
  • The same applies if you use a bulky trainer or fit bike.
  • You’ll see on screen the boundaries of the detection area by standing in front of it. Ensure that you don’t stand close enough to affect the measurement.
  • The power measurement is based on the first powermeter it detects. If there are multiple powermeters that are awake in the room you may not detect the one you intend. We have not yet added the ability to specify the target powermeter.
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