2DM: Fit Area Setup & Installation

Please review the Kinect Setup guide if you need help to get the camera working

  • 1.7m from camera to bike
  • Camera placed roughly in line with the Handlebars
  • Camera level and square to the bike
  • Bike Level and stable

2D Motion does not have the same lighting and background requirements as our 3D Motion system. However, it should be noted that the Kinect automatically regulates the framerate so you will get lower performance if the lighting is poor and background dark.

We have designed the system to be robust against this, so you are unlikely to have any pickup issues in poor conditions. We have successfully tested in conditions ranging from near darkness to brightly lit.

It is not necessary to have lights beside the Kinect pointing at the rider, in fact this may have a negative impact on precision. Normal overhead lighting will be sufficient.

Note that the system automatically saves fit videos, so it is worth paying attention to the appearance of the background and it may be worth considering lighting that ensures the rider is not excessively shadowed.


Once you have purchased and downloaded the installer, please initiate the install once.

Please ensure that you run the system by clicking on the program icon, not by running the installer again. It is likely that your computer will not cope with trying to run two instances of the software.

Log in using the same credentials you supplied when setting up your account on our site.

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