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Bike Fit can be a lucrative addition to your business, velogicfit has the tools to help you maximise both customer satisfaction and your profitability.

Why should your store invest in Bike Fit?

The primary reason for investing in Bike Fit is to ensure your customers are set up to enjoy cycling. Offering professional Bike Fit shows that your store takes rider comfort and satisfaction seriously.

From the business perspective - Bike Fitting can be one of the highest margin activities for a store. Apart from the charge for the Fit, most Fits lead to sales of accessories, mechanical work and potentially bikes. It is also an opportunity to reinforce your expert status and gain loyalty to your store.

As google searches for Cycling have decreased over the years, Bike Fit searches have increased showing customer awareness and demand for bike fitting is positive.

As competition from Internet retailers intensifies, focusing on added value services like bike fit is the logical path for retail stores that intend to stay viable.

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Bike shops that deliver bike fit as an integral part of their business enjoy higher profit margins and fantastic customer loyalty. This ensures the shops' future success in the new reality of bicycle retail.

Sean Madsen, Bike Fit Solutions, USA

Ensure every customer is sold the right sized bike

You want to provide consistent, expert advice to customers - regardless of whether your newest or most experienced team member serves them. Having tools to ensure that all staff can provide credible bike sizing information customers is an important part of maintaining your quality of service.

Our Advanced System uses a few quick measurements and customer preferences to provide a short list of the most suitable bikes for that individual down to the frame size, stem length and angle and spacers.

Focusing on helping the customer choose the right size bike that suits their purpose gets you away from selling solely on price and the margin erosion that comes with it.

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I have referred friends on for them to receive the same service that I had, it took only a few minutes to be told the best options for my next mountain bike. The one I chose fits so well and handles fantastically.

Ray Stewart, Mountain biking enthusiast, NZ

Our pro fit tools will have your customers coming back

Using our professional 3D Motion fit tools (and training), you'll establish your staff as fit experts.

There are many fit systems to choose from but few have the 'wow' factor to customers of our 3D system at a price point that allows you to make bike fitting profitable quickly.

Why 3D? Because 3D provides the metrics of lateral rider movements, their knee tracking, hip and shoulder movements and ankle swivel that you may not detect by the naked eye. It picks up the rider angles quickly and simultaneously without any user error that comes from drawing on lines. Your customer's will be amazed by the amount of information and seeing themselves on screen helps the fitter to explain this data.

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Not only has it sped up the fit process, but it's helped me sell a lot more product and achieve a much more precise level of accuracy on my fits. I'm happy, but more importantly, so are my clients.

Gordon, GMC Cycling Studio, Silverdale

Professional Bike Fit Training

As professional tools as our tools are, they are only ever as good as the Bike Fitter themselves. This is why we offer comprehensive training courses around the world.

Whether you are a seasoned fitter and would like to learn how to use 3D Motion Capture or you are new to Bike Fitting, we have a course to suit you.

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Very professional and dedicated to providing the best possible fit experience, thanks for the training guys.

Dan Furminger, Bike Fitter, Swanson, NZ

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