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How Can velogicfit Help You?

We can help you understand the benefits of data driven bike fit, what to look for in a bike fit and we have some useful tools if you like to play with numbers.

Why get a Bike Fit?

You could have the most expensive bike available but still be uncomfortable and inefficient, or conversely, be able to pedal the most budget conscious bike with high effectiveness. The difference lies in the relationship between your body and bike.

So often it is assumed that all tall people are a Large or XL frame, or all petite riders require a small. But the reality is that everyone has different proportions for their critical (to Bike Fit) limb ratios. Despite what is commonly claimed, even gender is a poor guide to what a riders proportions may be.

The aim of a Bike Fit is to balance your personal proportions with your physical conditioning, injury history and goals. A good Fitter will use a combination of data (like the analytics provided by our 3D Motion system), experience and rider feedback to iterate towards a comfortable and efficient position.

Ultimately, the reason for a Bike Fit is to ensure that you enjoy your cycling as much as possible, whether you derive that enjoyment from going fast, or long or by flying down a mountainside.

For more information on what to look for in a bike fit, read on.

I had a Velogicfit 3D bike fit and it was an amazing experience. I now feel a lot more confident, balanced and comfortable on my bike.

Teresa Adams, Triathlete and Coach, NZ

What do bike fitters with Velogicfit tools have to offer?

Velogicfit Bike Fitters are equipped with more information than your average bike fitter.  Our 3D Motion system provides them with advanced metrics about your pedalling action and the movement of your body on the bike. This information allows them to focus on the problem areas and quickly assess the effect of positional changes.

They also have access to one of the world's most comprehensive databases of bike brands and geometry. So once your position is dialled in Velogicfit bike fitters can ascertain which bikes will fit you most suitably.

If you are in the market for a bike some Velogicfit stores take the approach of taking 4 body measurements to establish a suggested riding position and then define which bikes are most suitable for you. Then if appropriate, the store may do a professional 3D bike fit to refine the calculated position further.

I have referred friends on for them to receive the same service that I had, it took only a few minutes to be told the best options for my next mountain bike. The one I chose fits so well and handles fantastically.

Ray Stewart, Cycling Enthusiast, NZ

Want to play with some numbers yourself?

Our Frame Comparison tool allows you to compare bike geometry side by side. If you want to compare your current bike to a potential new bike this will keep you amused for a very long time. The tool is also useful if you've had a bike fit and wish to experiment with your bike options independently.

Our database of over 213 brands feeds into this calculator, so you are sure to find the bike you are looking for.

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We also have freely available information about the dimensions of: Stems, Saddles, Bars and Aerobars on our Fit Essentials pages ➡

(Screenshot: Frame comparison app)

We intended Frame Comparison for Bike Fitters to compare geometries, but we know there are a number of cyclists who would appreciate this information, so we have made it freely available. Have fun.

David Bowden, Bike Fitter and Founder of velogicfit

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