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By adding Velogicfit's 3D Motion system to your already professional Fit process you can increase the scope of your assessment and enhance the rider experience.

The Full Picture

It is often argued that a good bike Fitter should be able to just use their eye and all the high tech bike fit systems are smoke and mirrors.

Our stance is that a good bike Fitter should be able to fit with no tools, they shouldn't need technology as a crutch. However, adding high tech analysis to the experience of the Fitter leads to a better outcome for the rider. And it makes the process far more efficient for both Fitter and rider.

The velogicfit 3D Motion system provides - simultaneous evaluation of key body angles, lateral joint motion and knee path down to the degree and millimetre. With this information in hand a skilled bike fitter can achieve a better outcome for the rider in less time. It's no coincidence that all of the worlds best Fitters use 3D analysis of some form.

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(Screenshot: 3D Motion app)

Adding 3D analysis to my fits helped me drill down on issues faster and it is a great tool for explaining problems and their solutions to clients. That it makes the process faster is an added bonus.

David Bowden, Pro Bike Fitter and founder of Velogicfit.

Why 3D?

3D analysis captures all motion related rider data simultaneously in real time. No frame by frame analysis or post processing required.

The real power of automated capture comes from averaging. In one minute we capture 1800 samples of rider data (for each of the 18 dynamic motion metrics). This means your decisions are based on the way the rider consistently pedals under load, rather than accidentally measuring an outlier case. The sub millimetre precision of 3D systems is certainly an extra benefit, but is of far less importance than the confidence a large sample set gives.

In comparison 2D systems require manual drawing or correction of angles and many only pick up one angle at a time. They have no depth perception so cannot detect lateral motion. Furthermore the advent of cheap 2D Bike Fit phone apps has relegated 2D analysis to the hobbyist level.

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"I am loving the system more each time I use it. The 3D Pro system allows me to offer a higher caliber fit (and to charge more for it)"

Alfonso Lopez,, Seattle USA

Finding a Bike for their ideal position

More often than not a bike fit session is followed by the question "If I were to buy a new bike, what would you recommend?" Plug the XY measurements generated by the 3D Motion system into our Advanced System to identify precisely matched bike configurations.

The velogicfit database has over 175 brands with over 11,000 models listed. The report provides the four most suitable frame sizes with specific bar setup details.

To find out more about the Advanced Bike Finder system read on.

(Screenshot: Bike finder results)

I have referred friends on for them to receive the same service that I had, it took only a few minutes to be told the best options for my next bike. The one I chose fits so well and handles fantastically.

Ray Stewart, Cycling enthusiast, NZ

Knowledge is power

Training is a key part of what we do. Not only to ensure that our customers can use our products effectively but also because moving to 3D analysis introduces an array of metrics and methods that are not covered by training in less advanced technologies.

We have assembled a group of highly experienced Velogicfit trainers around the world and offer different course levels to help you offer the best possible service to your clients.

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Very professional and dedicated to providing the best possible fit experience, thanks for the training guys.

Dan Furminger, Bike Fitter, attendee of the first NZ course

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