Bike Fit Systems

Velogicfit Bike Fit Systems are designed to produce detailed, accurate fit data, offering fitters the tools they need to perform professional bike fits. Whether you are new to bike fitting, or an experienced professional; Velogicfit bike fit systems offer the innovation and expertise to assist you in providing high-quality bike fits for your customers.

3D Motion

A sophisticated 3D Bike Fit system, 3D Motion offers the highest level of information of the Velogicfit bike fit systems, including data on joint angles, joint motion, alignment, and anthropometry.

3D Motion makes professional bike fitting accessible to new and experienced fitters alike, with unparalleled data accuracy.

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3D Aero

3D Aero enables dynamic frontal area measurements to give real-time feedback on position aerodynamics.

3D Aero can be used on its own, or alongside 3D Motion for a comprehensive aero bike fit.

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