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Advanced Bike Finder

  • The comprehensive online sizing tool designed to assist customers in-store, and online when embedded in your site.

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Advanced Bike Finder Offers Bike Sizing for Online, and Bricks and Mortar Stores

    Simply measure and enter bike or body measurements, select your chosen bike type and brands, and Advanced Bike Finder will advise which bikes will fit the best. A useful tool for every customer, Advanced Bike Finder is also an excellent addition to a Bike Fitter’s tool kit, offering the ability to provide post-fit bike recommendations.

    How it Works:

    Take four simple measurements of the rider and choose the style of position that suits their needs.

    Refine the bike options by choosing: Brand, Purpose, Frame Material and Year.

    Key features of our search algorithm:

    • Scales stem length with frame size so you get realistic bike opitons.
    • Resolves to the single best frame size for a model
    • Over 213 bike brands in the system gives great scope for finding relevant matches.
    • MTB system offers a suspension travel filter.

    Product Features

    $30 per month, cancel anytime!

      Logan Griffin, New Zealand

      3D Motion helps us provide exceptional service to our customers. The biggest value for a Fitter is seeing the rider's position as a whole picture, rather than measuring individual points or angles in isolation. It's very easy to see how each small change you make affects the entire system.

      Logan Griffin, New Zealand

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