Who is Velogicfit?

At Velogicfit our mission is to see more people riding bikes comfortably the world over.

To support that mission our main goal for is to improve access to quality bike fit information for retail stores and bike fitters.

By providing resources to the industry to aid in the delivery of bike fit we hope to improve the outcomes for end users.

We are an innovative company, based in New Zealand. We love to ride bikes of all forms and we're driven to help others derive the same enjoyment from cycling that we do. Velogicfit systems are currently found in 30 countries worldwide.

Our system is the brainchild of a specialist bike fitter who had developed advanced tools for his own use. With some strong encouragement and ideas from a fellow cycling enthusiast, Velogicfit was created to share the power of the system with the cycling world.

We believe that every cyclist has the right to be comfortable on their bike. It is our job to support the bicycle retail industry to achieve this.

Meet the team

David Bowden
Technical Director
Nicky Bowden
Managing Director
Darren Bruning
Leah Lassche
George Gwynn