velogicfit 3D Sizer

Increase sales and get your customers quickly on to the right sized bike with our interactive in-store sizer.

Product Features

  • 3D Sizer utilises a 3D camera to automatically capture key body measurements from a customer.
  • Those measurements are then used to find suitably-sized bikes from the thousands of models in our database.
  • Suitable bike models are displayed as electronic 'cards' where the customer can see the model, size and specifications.
  • The customer can interact with the touchscreen to add up to 3 models to a shortlist, which is then displayed in comparison format on screen.
  • The customer (or your sales staff) can take a quick smartphone image of the results & head off around the store to look at the shortlisted models.
  • We can even integrate with your point-of-sale system so that the customer only sees stocked models & up-to-date pricing, with no double-entry.

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