velogicfit 3D Motion

3D motion capture technology offers the highest level of information around rider pedalling action and interaction with the bike.
Our latest release of 3D Motion makes a professional bike fit even easier to achieve. 
Now with automatic marker detection, a simple workflow and the ability to compare positions, side by side.

Product Features

Real-time 3D

velogicfit 3D Motion capture screen

3D Motion utilises a 3D camera and reflective VF Tape markers to deliver live rider data at 30 frames per second. The metrics are presented in user-friendly tables grouped into the following categories;

  • Joint angles: Current, Range, Min, Max and Average for each joint.
  • Joint motion: Range, Min, Max and Average figures for joint oscillation
  • Alignment: Average values for key relationships
  • Anthropometry: Body segment lengths
  • Performance: Cadence (automatic) and Power (from Ant+ if you have a dongle and PM) 

With Ant+ information such as power and cadence, the fitter can ensure that each capture is being performed under the same conditions.

3D technology allows our software to provide information that the fitter may not have been able to see without it. Even the most seasoned bike fitter would struggle to see movements that are milimeters either way, but added up can impact on a rider's comfort and performance.

This is where our joint motion metrics come in. Lateral and vertical movements like hip rock, shoulder rock and ankle swivel are indicators that allow the fitter to see at a glance whether the rider is in a compromised position. 

The knee track graphic shows the path of the knee in relation to the bike frame, providing valuable information as to whether the position is restricting the rider in some way.  When used together with the rest of the output it becomes a very powerful tool for assessing saddle height, set back and reach to the bars.

VF Tape is the custom marker technology we use to ensure that the system automatically picks up the markers. As the marke detection is so strong with this tape there is less reliance on lighting for the marker pick up. 


Bike measurements

velogicfit 3D Motion - measuring bike with wand

By taking readings at defined points on the bike with the supplied wand, we calculate important metrics allowing you to accurately measure the initial and final bike position.

If the fit was performed on a fit bike you can easily transpose the measurements which are produced in the final report onto the bike and match the position. 

With fast, accurate bike measurements, you can show your client exactly what changed in the bike setup as a result of the fit.

Feature Three

Final Position page of velogicfit 3D Motion report

Following the fit and completion of summary comments a detailed report is produced by the click of a button.

The data from the initial position, final position and both bike setups are displayed so the fitter can show the customer where the changes have been made and the impacts they have had.

Images of the bike and rider are automatically captured during the fit so you have a consistent standard of reporting.

The report is produced in Microsoft Word so that the fitter can format, write in notes and utilise the benefits of work such as spellcheck.

You can view a full sample report here.

Feature Four

Multiple camera view

Just plug in one or more additional webcams and velogicfit 3D Motion will add a real-time feed from each image to your fit session.

You can switch between webcams, and the main Kinect camera, with a click of a button.

Using a webcam facing the front of the rider is a great way to quickly check for any alignment issues.

It is easy to get started:

Get the software

Get the hardware

A USB adapter is now included with your start up pack. However, a suitable laptop/PC and Kinect camera are key pieces of hardware - we're happy to help you select something appropriate

Get fitting!

If you already know the science of fit, you're up and running. We also provide training courses to help you and your customers get the most from the software.