3D Aero

  • Dynamic frontal area measurements, to give real-time feedback on position aerodynamics.

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3D Aero Is Unlike Any Other Bike Fit System

33D Aero Is Unlike Any Other Bike Fit System

While not a complete replacement for the wind tunnel, 3D Aero presents accurate data on frontal area, alongside projected power targets for relative distances and target splits, and can be used alongside 3D Motion to provide a comprehensive high-performance fit for amateur and elite cyclists and triathletes.

W3D Aero utilises a 3D Camera to automatically measure the frontal area of a rider. The system generates actionable intelligence with the following features:
  • Average FA for a user defined period
  • User defined Cd applied to give a calculated CdA
  • Power measured and averaged via ANT+
  • No background required
  • Regular software updates

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Vankru Cycling, United Kingdom

'Thanks for the 30 seconds' - James. After a session optimising his aerodynamic profile, our customer James completed his own Project 19, securing a sub 20minute on the P883 10mile TT course. Using the @velogicfit frontal area analysis system we suggested changes in front end setup and TTing posture, totalling a predicted saving of 29 seconds over a 20minute 10mile. There was no equipment changes, just adjustment to existing components. Chapeau James!

Vankru Cycling, United Kingdom

What's Included?

  • 3D Aero Software Subscription
  • Support
  • Documentation
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