velogicfit 3D Aero

Dynamic frontal area measurement to give realtime feedback on position aerodynamics.
Help your riders understand the performance impact  of position and how to develop fast race day strategies.

Product Features

Real-time 3D

velogicfit 3D Aero

3D Aero utilises a 3D Camera to automatically measure the frontal area of a rider. The system generates actionable intelligence with the following features:

  • Average FA for a user defined time period
  • User defined Cd applied to give a calculated CdA
  • Power measured and averaged via ANT+
  • Comments stored for each capture
  • No background required 

3D Aero removes the guesswork about fine position details during a fit - are narrow elbows better for this rider? Which head position is fastest?

Further - it is a great tool for educating the rider about their most efficient way of riding - hoods vs drops on the road bike or sitting up vs in aero for TT/Tri.


Feature Three

velogicfit 3D Aero positioning
  • Microsoft Kinect for Xbox One with PC adaptor (we can help with this - contact us)
  • Computer that can handle the Kinect (4gb RAM, 64bit Windows 10, Core I5 or higher) - full specs
  • Trainer that doesn't project too far ahead of the rear axle is ideal


It is easy to get started:

Get the software

Get the hardware

A USB adapter is now included with your subscription. However, a suitable laptop/PC and Kinect camera are the key pieces of hardware, we're happy to help you select something appropriate

Get Aero!

Start experimenting with your riders and read our documentation to learn more about aero optimisation