velogicfit 2D Motion

Dynamic 2D Motion Capture simplifies the process of measuring angles, allowing you to focus on the rider, instead of your tools.
Our cycling specific system is designed to simplify the process while enhancing the outcome with detailed metrics driving fit decisions.

Product Features

Real-time 3D

velogicfit 2D Motion capture screen

2D Motion utilises a 3D camera and reflective VF Tape markers to deliver live rider data at up to 30 frames per second. The system presents the metrics in user-friendly tables grouped into the following categories

  • Joint angles: Current, Range, Min, Max and Average for each joint
  • Performance: Cadence (automatic) and Power (from ANT+ if you have a dongle and PM

Pressing the capture button records and saves 20s of rider data, allowing you to compare position changes over the course of the fit.



Feature Three

  • Microsoft Kinect for Xbox One with PC adaptor (we can help with this - contact us)
  • Computer that can handle the Kinect (4gb RAM, 64bit Windows 10, Core I5 or higher) - full specs


It is easy to get started:

Get the software

Get the hardware

A USB adapter is now included with your subscription. However, a suitable laptop/PC and Kinect camera are the key pieces of hardware, we're happy to help you select something appropriate

Get fitting!

If you already know the science of fit, you're up and running. We also provide training courses to help you and your customers get the most from your fit.